Friday Cat Blogging

I'm succumbing, finally, to the Friday Cat Blogging compulsion. Don't know what Friday Cat Blogging is? It's a sort of tradition that I've recently discovered among bloggers to post pictures of their cats on Fridays. I have such cute cats, and they are mine for but another month (a good, old, friend of mine is adopting them because I'm going to school.) Thus, there are very few Fridays left to cat blog.

Anyway, here are my cats, O'Keefe and Frida, named after the somewhat contemporaneous women artists Frida Kahlo and Georgia O'Keefe.



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The names of your cats makes me think of this question:
Have you seen the book "Why Cats Paint"?? Do your pair o'furries show any tendency towards tempura?

I haven't seen that book - sounds very cool. Sadly, I think that O'Keefe and Kahlo would be dissapointed by their namesakes. :-)

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