The winner is ...

Chesterfield, Cummington, Ashfield, Leverett, Sunderland, Buckland, Deerfield, Leeds, Wendell, South Hadley ... Shutesbury. After 3 trips to Massachusetts (Ruth took three, I only took one of those) looking at lots and lots of houses in lots and lots of places, we've found the house we will be living in (barring, of course, unfortunate circumstances). It's a cute little cape on a small dirt road in northern Shutesbury, just south of Lake Wyola, and across a driveway from Ames Pond.

It's just about everything we'd been looking for: away from any traffic, no neighbors we could see, and close to water (we'd have preferred water actually on the land, but this is a good compromise.) It's a nice size, has a fireplace on the main floor, and a wood stove downstairs. It has room enough for all three of us (that's me, Ruth, and the cat - how typical lesbian.) It's got almost 3 acres to play with, and lots of light.

So, there are the practicalities to deal with, but we'll be in the house by the middle of February, possibly early February. It means that we're leaving here later than we thought, which is fine. It gives me some more time to get everything settled.

One snag: no easy broadband. Of course I pretty much already knew this about the kinds of places we were looking at, and had done some research on satellite broadband. It will present some technical challenges for me, but nothing I can't overcome.

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What a great house. I'll enjoy imagining you here.

Congrats! It looks charming. I'm looking forward to your housewarming -- after snow and mud seasons are over :)

Looks wonderful!

And Shutesbury isn't far from here -- maybe an hour and a half. So I look forward to having coffee, or tea, or soup, or a beer, once you're settled in! :-)

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